Welcome to Chocolate Heaven


Here at Moetal, all our chocolate is crafted entirely by hand; hand enrobed, hand dipped and hand finished…We are an enthusiastic team of chocolate artisans in pursuit of perfection, keen to do our little bit for the people and planet along the way.

We are all about fusion, always pushing the boundaries …teasing the taste buds with the pleasure of fragrances from around the world. We work with subtle and unexpected blends; exotic spices, fruit zests, dried fruits …the list goes on. All this and more so that we can bring you exquisite chocolate unspoilt in any other way.

Naturally, we work with Milk, Dark and White Chocolate - the cocoa content is determined by the addition of three elements; cocoa butter, cocoa paste and cocoa powder. A high percentage of cocoa is not necessarily synonymous with quality: the selection of cocoa beans and all the stages of chocolate production count for a lot in this respect. This coupled with the know how of our artisans determines the flavour and the aromatic palette of the chocolate.

Ethics is part of our DNA. Whilst we do not disguise ourselves as an Ethical Chocolatier, it goes without saying that all the chocolate we use is ethically traded. As well as our every day ethical range, we work with marginalised producers from Africa, South America and Asia in order that they can develop their core compentencies (thereby operate in line with International Fairtrade guidelines).

As well as our own brand, we also manufacture bespoke corporate chocolate gifts and provide corporate branded packaging for Organisations of all sizes. Please get in touch if you have a requirement for delectable fairtrade corporate branded chocolate.